Harry P. Hagel and John P. Rovers, Editors

ISBN: 1-58212-010-2, 2002; 253 pp; softbound
Published by the American Pharmaceutical Association, 2215 Constitution Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20037-2985, www.aphanet.org

Acquiring Editor: Julian I. Graubart
Production Editor: Vicki Meade, Meade Communications
Assistant Editor: Mary De Angelo, Inkwell Communications
Layout and Graphics: Michelle Danoff, Graphics by Design
Cover Design: Jim McDonald
Proofreader: Amy Morgante
Indexing: Suzanne Peake


My role in this book was to edit and revise the contents for clarity and help the authors deliver their message in the most effective way. Working with a capable team of subcontractors, we made this book both attractive and user friendly. Managing the Patient-Centered Pharmacy coaches managers and directors in all pharmacy settings on changing their systems to make patient care the focus. It also addresses key management topics to help practitioners and students think through problems, create plans for change, and launch patient services.