cover of e-PharmacyEdited by Tracy S. Hunter

ISBN: 1-58212-029-3, 2002; 165 pp; softbound
Published by the American Pharmaceutical Association, 2215 Constitution Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20037-2985,

Acquiring Editors: Robert J. Howard and Sandra J. Cannon
Production Editor: Vicki Meade, Meade Communications
Copy Editor: Janice A. Deal, Publications Professionals, Inc.
Cover Design: Jim McDonald
Proofreader: Mary De Angelo, Inkwell Communications
Indexing: Mary E. Coe:
Layout and Graphics: Michele A. Danoff, Graphics by Design


As production editor, I took the raw manuscript for this book and assembled a team of subcontractors who handled editing, layout, and proofreading under my supervision. I also reworked certain chapters to enhance their focus. This terrific book is a tool for pharmacists and other health care providers who want to use the Internet to enrich their practices and help patients. Its listing of sites for medical, consumer health, and alternative medicine information is especially useful.