cover of America's Scientific TreasuresBy Paul S. Cohen & Brenda H. Cohen

ISBN: 0-8412-3444-2, 1998; 464 pp.; 54 b/w photos; softbound
Published by the American Chemical Society

Development Editor: Vicki Meade, Meade Communications
Production Editor: Karen Gulliver
Indexer: Aubrey McClellan
Cover and text designed by Marshall Henrichs, Lexington, MA
Printed and bound by Maple Press, York, PA


On this book, I worked closely with the authors to revise and reorganize the text. America’s Scientific Treasures is an intelligent guide to hundreds of destinations for the scientifically inclined traveler, from the National Museum of Roller Skating to the Grand Canyon. The authors, professors who spent many summers traveling throughout the United States, base their suggestions on first-hand experience, selecting sites for their high quality and educational merit.