By John P. Rovers, Jay D. Currie, Harry P. Hagel, Randy P. McDonough, and Jenelle L. Sobotka

ISBN: 0-917330-90-0, 1998; 242 pp; softbound
Published by the American Pharmaceutical Association, 2215 Constitution Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20037-2985,

Editor: Vicki Meade, Meade Communications
Acquiring Editor: Julian I. Graubart
Layout and Graphic Artist: Claire Purnell Graphic Design
Cover Design: Christopher K. Baker
Editorial Assistance: Cara C. Byington
Illustrator: John Moss, Moss Design
Proofreading: Barbara Moss
Indexing: Mary E. Coe


As editor of A Practical Guide to Pharmaceutical Care I revised chapters written by nearly a half dozen authors to unify their voice and make the material reader friendly. I added subheads, bullets, and sidebars to highlight key points and enlisted a graphic designer skilled at creating clean, readable pages. The book contains case studies, communication tips, boxed summaries, forms, sample patient interviews, and questions to help pharmacists understand how to convert their pharmacy to a pharmaceutical care practice.